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Add #ACTEM16 Posters to Twitter List IFTTT 
Backup Google Calendar Events to Google Drive Zapier 
Build a Twitter list from a specific hashtag IFTTT 
Create an RSS feed of new Google Drive files in a folder Zapier 
Create a RSS feed for new YouTube channel videos Zapier 
Create Gmail email alerts for new Google Drive files in a folder (Useful for Google Classroom) Zapier 
Create Google Drive folders for new YouTube videos Zapier 
Create Todoist tasks for starred Gmail messages Zapier 
Emails you label "To-do" get added to an iOS Reminders list IFTTT 
Log all my call times to a Google Spreadsheet (for time management and billing) IFTTT 
Log YouCanBook.Me bookings in a Google Sheets spreadsheet Zapier 
Save all of your liked [YouTube] videos in a spreadsheet IFTTT 
Save Gmail attachments from labeled emails to Google Drive Zapier 
Schedule reminders tomorrow for the emails you star in your inbox today IFTTT 
Track your work hours in Google Calendar IFTTT 
Track your work hours in Google Sheet IFTTT 
Tweet new blog posts (your blog or others) Zapier 
YouTube to Blogger IFTTT 
Showing 18 items